Hit Director
domain dig
STANDARD $24.95/mo
30gb Bandwidth
1gb disk space
20k per day
Fwd/Reverse DNS
Dedicated IP
50K PLAN $50/mo
45gb Bandwidth
1.25gb disk space
50k per day
Fwd/Reverse DNS
Dedicated IP
75K PLAN $75/mo
60gb Bandwidth
2gb disk space
75k per day
Fwd/Reverse DNS
Dedicated IP
100K PLAN $100/mo
75gb Bandwidth
2,750mb disk space
100k per day
Fwd/Reverse DNS
Dedicated IP
125K PLAN $125/mo
100gb Bandwidth
3000mb disk space
125k per day
Fwd/Reverse DNS
Dedicated IP
250K PLAN $250/mo
200gb Bandwidth
6000mb disk space
250k per day
Fwd/Reverse DNS
Dedicated IP
Magento - Optimized $650/mo
32gb Ram
100GB disk space
Fwd/Revese DNS
Optimized Speed

Optimized front end hosting for for your mail app:
Hit Director hosts special configurations of servers that integrate well with the special needs of SendGrid, MailJet, Amazon SES, MailGun, Mandrill and Postmark. With our optimized servers your frontend app is able efficiently communicate with just about any mailqueue delivery service such as SendGrid, Amazon SES, Mandrill, Mailjet, MailGun and Postmark for fast mail delivery.

Specialized arpReach and ARP3 hosting:
Hit Director has hosted ARP3's auto-responder sites since 2002 and has created specially configured servers to optimally host arpReach. We are intimately familiar with the needs of the application and are prepared to deal with absolutely any scenario that may arise with its use. If you run Autoresponse Plus 3 or arpReach you need a host that understands the application and has properly configured servers.

Optimized InterSpire Email Marketer (IEM) hosting:
Hit Director hosts special configurations of servers that integrate well with the special needs of Intersprires Email Marketer. With our special configuration IEM is able to effectively and efficiently mail to lists both large and small.

Sendy newsletter hosting:
Hit Director has recently started hosting sendy. Sendy is feature rich and is easy to plug and play with Amazon SES. ,or alternately use Hit Directors local mail service, which is included in your account.

Other supported autoresponder and mailing apps:
Mautic Responer, MailWizz .

WordPress & Joomla Secure Hosting:
Hit Director has developed a secure hosting cpanel plugin named SiteLox that will lock down your website and prevent it from being hacked. This is usefull if you are slow to update your wordpress or use a custom theme that may take extra time to patch. Sitelox is simple to use, you just click a button in your control panel.

Website Security Mediation:
If your website has been hacked we can un-hack it for you and get you back up and running. We can identify how the hack occured and fix your code to plug the vulnerabilities.

Distributed DNS:
Hit Director uses a cluster of DNS servers to speed up the serving of DNS querries that speed up the loading of your website. We currently operate DNS servers in Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Singapore and Sydney.

Standard Hosting Features:
All accounts come with a dedicated ip address, reverse dns, cPanel, snap-in scripts using softaculous (better than Fantastico), US based support technicians versed in php, perl and shell scripting. We also enable Imagemagik, mod_rewrite, .htaccess, ps2pdf, ioncube, Zend, soap, mcrypt, mbsting, PDO, sqllite, GD, freetype, DAV and more! If we don't have it we can install it, we pride ourselve in providing a web hosting platform for developers.

Feedback loop processing:
All accounts include automatic feedback loop processing.
Company Overview
High Capacity Hosting:
Hit Director is experienced in managing high volume web sites that receive millions of hits per hour. We can build custom temporary solutions for a product launch or design a fully scalable solution to manage your high capacity website.

arpReach, Interspire Email Marketer, ARP3, Mail List Pro:
Our servers are specifiically designed to work with many mailing applications. Each account comes with a DEDICATED IP. Reverse and Forward DNS are setup to match, which is very important! We also use SPF, DKIM, Domain Keys and actively manage feed back loops with all of the major email providers. We also configure EXIM so that all mail sent with your your OWN IP address.

We are in Boulder, Colorado:
Since 2002 we have been providing web hosting and web based security consulting services to Boulder and Denver, Colorado businesses. We value all of our customers and take pride in providing custom and secure solutions for companies in the Front Range.

Customer Tools:

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Live Chat status:
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Domain Name Search
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FREE SSL Certs Hit Director now provides FREE SSL Certificates for EVERY domain and subdomain hosted. This will give you a BIG boost in SEO rankings and will also improve mail delivery. You do not need to do anything, the FREE SSL cert is generated automatically for every domain you host with us, including subdomains.


Attracta SEO Hit Director has upgraded Attracta SEO Tools. Attracta makes seo easy by automatically generating XML sitemaps for Google, Google blacklist checking, complete SEO analysis of your site with tools to fix seo problems.


Incremental Backups Hit Director has added the ability for you to restore incremental backups from your control panel. Never worry about lost data, we have your back (pun intended). We store multiple copies of your backup in multiple locations.


BitCoins Now Accepted Hit Director has added the ability to pay with bitcoins. Bitcoin is a decentralized P2P digital currency that enables immediate and secure payments.


CloudFlare CDN. Hit Director has added CloudFlare CDN capability. You can distibute your site across the world with a click of a button. Your site will be served by the closest data center to your user. You can also protect wordpress from spam as well as make it lightning fast! More on: cPanel CloudFlare Setup


Google Apps Wizard. Hit Director has added a simple 3 step process to configure your account to integrate with Google Apps. Simply log into your cPanel account and click the Google Apps Wizard icon. More on: cPanel Google Apps Wizard

“ Hit Director had my xSend install up and running in an hour! They started with a blank server and within an hour I was loggin into my admin area!.”